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At Landmark Furniture Company, we come from humble beginnings. We started as a promotional chest company, wanting to build the best promotional chest in its price point. When those chests far exceeded our customer’s expectations, we expanded our product line. We are dedicated to becoming a full service regional supplier and we will continue to grow at an intelligent pace in order to keep our customer base satisfied.

We constantly evaluate our processes for improvement. We understand what our customers want and need in a furniture supplier. We will offer you a quality product that is easy to sell and deliver. We will offer you exceptional customer service, fair pricing for the quality product you will receive, and a hassle free transaction.

Our passion to be the best is evident in everything we do. We will not be out worked. We will never stop improving, even after we reach our goal of being the best furniture supplier in the region.

Landmark Furniture Company 6152 Keystone St Philadelphia, PA 19135
P: 1-215-987-3213 F: 1-215-359-1300

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